• the fisherman's smock blog post - shopping guide

    The Fisherman’s Smock

    Originally designed as workwear by the fishing community, the Fisherman’s Smock has become a versatile overgarment sought after by many for its practicality and durability. If you are looking for a traditional Fisherman’s Smock, you’ve come to the right place. As a nautical clothing store, we stock a range of styles from different brands. So let us guide you with a brief history of this long standing favourite covering key features, brands and today’s variations. What is a Fisherman’s Smock ? Historically, it was made from recycled old sails, a durable tough cotton canvas fabric, which was ideal to face the elements and stood up to the rigours of the…

  • The Peacoat - your shopping guide

    The Peacoat

    The peacoat, one of the 4 pillars of the nautical wardrobe alongside the Breton shirt, the Breton sweater and the fisherman's smock. This timeless classic is a stylish winter outerwear for men and women alike. With origins in the 16th century, the jacket that started as a sailor's work uniform is today recognised as a fashion essential. For us at The Nautical Company, offering a choice of quality peacoats to our customers is part of our DNA. We compiled this guide to help you choose which of these peacoats is right for you.

  • The Breton Sweater

    The Breton Sweater

    The Breton sweater, a classic that no well stocked wardrobe should be without. We started stocking Breton sweaters back in 2010 when we first started The Nautical Company. For us, it was a no brainer, it belongs to the nautical classic range just like the cotton Breton top. As a native Breton myself, ie born and raised in Brittany before coming to the UK, I remember wearing my bright red wool mix top whilst sailing with my dad. I loved it and kept it until it was time to pass it down to my younger brother. And that is the key with quality Breton jumpers, they last for years. We could share the…

  • 2016-12-days-of-xmas-day10

    DAY 10 – Christmas offer: 10 % OFF our Women’s Anchor Striped Jumper

    DAY 10 of our 12 days of Christmas offers. Today it is all about our favourite ladies’ stripy jumper, made in France, in rich merino wool. A gorgeous quality nautical inspired knit, body contoured fit. We love the overall design with the anchor and the single red stripe. This is one of a kind, a truly beautiful Breton garment for Christmas. 10% OFF with code MEMR10, valid today only, 1st December 2016, until midnight UK time. For further details including measurements, please check our product link, Women’s Anchor Striped Jumper, £89. Save Save

  • day 1- Xmas offer

    DAY 1 – Christmas offer: 10 % OFF our Wall Hanging Flying Birds

      For our DAY 1 of our 12 days of Christmas offers, we are giving you a 10% OFF on our stunning contemporary 100% solid shiny brass “Wall Hanging Flying Birds“. These come in 3 sizes with a fixing at the back ready to be mounted on your wall. Ideally to complement any coastal  home. Easy to arrange to your liking in a staircase, hallway or lounge. To benefit from this promotion, use code BIRDS10 at checkout. This OFFER is valid for TODAY ONLY, 21th November 2016 and expires at midnight UK time. For further details, please  check our product link, wall hanging brass flying birds.