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  • The Peacoat - your shopping guide

    The Peacoat

    The peacoat, one of the 4 pillars of the nautical wardrobe alongside the Breton shirt, the Breton sweater and the fisherman's smock. This timeless classic is a stylish winter outerwear for men and women alike. With origins in the 16th century, the jacket that started as a sailor's work uniform is today recognised as a fashion essential. For us at The Nautical Company, offering a choice of quality peacoats to our customers is part of our DNA. We compiled this guide to help you choose which of these peacoats is right for you.

  • Summer outfit for the seaside

    Summer outfit for the seaside

      If you head for a seaside holiday this summer around our shores, you are never quite sure what the weather will be like. The secret is really about packing cleverly garments that you can mix and match and layer up just in case it freshens up. Don’t forget also accessories to turn a day outfit into an evening smart casual one with some jewellery, swapping the flip flops for summer heels with a lightweight jacket or shawl. This summer we absolutely love our new ladies’ navy blue canvas jacket. Wonderful over our linen/cotton mix summer dress that you can wear to the beach and dress it up with a…